How An Appliance Repair Service Might Deal With A Fan Problem In Your Upright Freezer

12 May 2023
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If your upright freezer isn't freezing your food, the problem could be with either the evaporator fan or the condenser fan. If either of these fans isn't working, the refrigerant system can't cool down your freezer. An appliance repair service can come to your home and repair the bad fan or replace the motor. Here's how you know a fan is bad and how these important parts in your freezer are repaired. 

The Condenser Fan Cools The Compressor And Coil

The condenser fan is usually near the bottom of the freezer and can be accessed from the outside. It's near the compressor, and it circulates air over the compressor to help keep it cool and to prevent overheating that could cause the compressor to fail. To access this part, the repair technician has to remove the panel at the bottom of the freezer. This exposes the fan.

It's possible the fan is malfunctioning due to debris caught in the blade. If that's the case, the repair technician can clean the debris out and see if the problem is fixed. They'll try spinning the blade, and if the blade doesn't move, that's a sign the bearings in the motor could be bad. If the bearings are bad, the condenser fan motor has to be replaced.

The technician can also check the motor with a multimeter to ensure it's getting the right amount of power. If it's getting power but the fan still isn't working, then the motor will need to be replaced. Each brand of freezer has a unique condenser fan motor, so the appliance repair service will find the appropriate part to replace the bad motor.

The Evaporator Fan Cools The Inside Of The Freezer

The evaporator fan is essential for removing heat from the freezer and cooling it down. If the fan fails, your freezer will eventually get warm, and your food could be ruined. This fan is located inside the freezer near the top. It may only work when the door is closed, so you can test it by opening the door and then pressing the door switch. If the fan doesn't come on, the motor will probably have to be replaced.

Replacing the evaporator fan motor is more complex than replacing a condenser fan motor. The evaporator fan is mounted to the back of the freezer, but it has to be accessed from the inside. The appliance repair service has to remove all the racks, bins, and panels to open up the freezer and get to the fan. Once the motor can be seen and accessed, the technician can remove the blade and motor to switch out the motor with a new one.

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