4 Different Refrigerator Style Options For Your New Refrigerator

12 November 2019
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If you are ready for a new refrigerator for your home, don't just go down to the store and purchase a fridge that looks exactly like the one you already have, except in a newer model. Instead, carefully consider the different types of refrigerators for your home and choose the style that best fits your needs. 

Style #1: Top Freezer 

The top freezer is one of the most classic refrigerator styles. With a top freezer, the bottom two-thirds of the unit is made out of the fridge, and the top third is a freezer. The space is really open. As this is a classic fridge style, you can generally find fridges like this in a wide range of colors and price points. This is a great fridge if you are looking for something basic.  

Style #2: Bottom Freezer 

The opposite of a top freezer is a bottom freezer. With this type of unit, the fridge makes up the top two-thirds of the unit, and the freezer makes up the bottom third. With this type of freezer, it is common to have a system of drawers for storing the food, which makes accessing the food at such a low height a little easier. Bottom freezers tend to be a little larger than top freezer styles, giving you just a little bit more storage space. You'll pay a little more for a bottom freezer style of refrigerator, but the price will not be too high.  

Style #3: Side by Side 

With a side by side unit, the unit is split in half so that one side of the unit is a freezer, and one side is a fridge. With this type of unit, the split may not be even. Oftentimes, the fridge size is a little bigger than the freezer side. However, sometimes, the fridge and freezer sides are the same size. Side by side units are designed to give you shelves, drawers, and room in the door for all of your frozen and fresh foods. There is a wide range of different features and configurations for side by side units, and due to the wide variation in the configuration of these units, the pricing can vary greatly.  

Style #4: French Door 

Finally, there is the French door configuration. With a French door configuration, the fridge is on the top and the freezer is on the bottom of the unit. However, instead of just having one door, there are two doors on top. Generally, on one side, there will be a water dispenser. With a high-class French door fridge, one side may even have an electronic display where you can connect to blue Bluetooth and Wife and even create a shopping list on a digital front on your door. This type of fridge is oversized and provides you with lots of storage. This is the costly refrigerator style.  

When it comes to choosing a fridge for your kitchen, carefully think about what type of style you need and what type of style you can afford. Contact an appliance dealer for more information.