Clothes Dryer Giving You Problems? Why You Shouldn't Postpone The Repairs

7 February 2020
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If your dryer hasn't been working right lately, schedule a service call right away. You may think that you can postpone repairs by extending the drying time, but that's not necessarily the case. Eventually, the problems affecting your dryer are going to go past the extended drying time. When that happens, you may be faced with no dryer at all. To avoid that problem, take care of the repairs as soon as issues arise. Here are four additional reasons why you should take care of dryer repairs right away. 

Avoid Wasted Energy

If your dryer is on the fritz, you may be paying more in the way of additional energy costs. Unfortunately, those additional costs can really add up, especially if the problem continues for more than just a few days. Not only that, but you're always wasting energy, which is a valuable commodity. If you want to reduce your energy costs and protect the environment, call your service technician and schedule an appliance repair appointment for your dryer. 

Ensure Efficient Drying

If your dryer is no longer working properly, you may be looking at more than just the extended drying time. You may also be looking at uneven drying, which can be harmful to your clothing, especially if your dryer is overheating. If that's happening, you may find that some loads require additional drying time, while other loads receive too much heat. Or you may find that your dryer loads are coming out unevenly dried, with some clothes properly dried while others are still damp. To alleviate the problem and ensure efficient drying, take care of dryer repairs right away. 

Reduce Risk of Dryer Fires

If your dryer has started to emit strange odors, it's time to call for immediate repairs. Those odors could be a sign that your dryer is overheating. If that's the case, you could be at risk for dryer fires. This is also true if your dryer problems are related to a clogged lint filter or trap. As soon as you notice strange odors coming from your dryer, call for repairs. 

Maintain Your Warranty Protection

Finally, if your dryer is only a few years old and it's under warranty protection, be sure to keep up on the repairs. Postponing necessary repairs could put your warranty protection at risk. Ensuring that repairs are done in a timely manner will protect your warranty and extend the life of your dryer.