The Best Features Of Modern-Day Window Air Conditioners

9 February 2020
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Thanks to modern technology, many of the appliances people use in their homes have evolved into more functional, more efficient units, and this is the same with the modern-day window air conditioner. If your old window unit has reached the end of its life cycle and you are ready to buy a new model, you may be surprised at all of the newfangled features these units can have. How do you know which features are worth the extra money and which features are not all that great? Here is a look at some of the most valuable attributes of the modern-day window air conditioning unit. 

Internal Fan Oscillation Functions 

You are probably quite familiar with the vents on regular air conditioners that have to be manually adjusted in order to get cooled air to one part of the room or another. While this worked to keep the air flowing in one direction, technology has afforded a better way. Internal fan oscillation in some modern air conditioners means that the grates on the vent or the fan itself automatically sweeps back and forth to ensure the room is cooled on an even keel. If you are cooling an especially large space, this internal feature can be incredibly valuable. 

Dehumidification-Only Settings 

The primary basis for air conditioning is removing humidity from the air, but the air conditioner also sends air over a coil filled with refrigerant to produce chilled air for the space. If you feel like the temperature in your home is just sticky and not necessarily hot, it is helpful if you have an AC that can dehumidify even if you are not using the cooling system. Thankfully, this is a function that a lot of modern air conditioners are capable of providing. With careful attention to using only dehumidifiction settings when it is not really hot but humid, you could easily cut your home cooling costs. 

WiFi Connectivity 

Everything from light bulbs to refrigerators have gained their own "smart" designations, and some air conditioners have as well. You can find window units that will connect to your network so you can remotely control the unit from a distance or even when you are not at home. For example, you may like leaving the unit off during the day to save energy while at work, so you can turn the unit on when the workday is almost over so you get to walk in to a cool home. 

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