4 Commonly Parts You Can Replace on a Supermarket Refrigeration Case

18 February 2020
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The refrigeration case is a must in a supermarket setting. This is where you display everything from cold cuts and salads to baked goods that require a certain temperature. Even though these cases are designed to operate for many years without a problem, certain parts may eventually have to be replaced. It is helpful if you have access to a good refrigeration parts supplier to help you track down replacement parts and pieces. Here is a look at some of the most commonly replaced refrigeration case parts that it can be helpful to have around. 

1. Shelves 

The shelves support the merchandise and they are handled and touched the most. Therefore, it is most common for these shelves to show some signs of wear and tear before anything else. All refrigeration cases will have their own types of shelving, but many types of shelving are interchangeable. You just have to make sure the shelves have the same locking mechanisms on the ends or backs so they will seat in the case properly upon installation. 

2. Glass Panels 

Glass panels are in place to keep the case cool. For example, the case may have panels of glass inserted in a frame along the sides or the front of the case to keep cold air from automatically spilling out as it is produced. These glass panels are made of shatterproof glass so they are not easily broken, but they can be damaged with enough force and commonly have to be replaced. 

3. Lights

The lighting inside of your refrigeration case serves the valuable purpose of keeping the product easy to see and making the case look nice and clean. If some of the lights go out, it can make parts of the case look dingy and make the products harder to see. Luckily, most of the modern cases have LED lights that rarely go out but they're still easy to replace. 

4. Fans

Fans take the chilled air produced by the refrigeration mechanisms and push it into the case to keep the products inside properly chilled. Since the fans are running almost non-stop, it is not uncommon for these units to go out. The fan is attached to a motor that turns the blade, which means the full fan and motor will likely need to be replaced. You can recognize a fan problem if you don't have the right temperature in parts of the case. 

If you need to replace these or other components, reach out to services that supply supermarket refrigeration case parts.